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The 7 benefits of using Executive Transport in the company.

June 12, 2021

Do you know the benefits of adopting Executive Chauffeur Service in Istanbul Passenger Transport for your company? In addition, of course, to the differentiated service that exists in this type of service, executive passenger transport offers differentials that go beyond just a driver in a suit, or something like that. In an increasingly competitive and agile market, knowing which factors influence the choice of this type of service can optimize your company’s time and resources.

See below the list we have prepared, with the main items that add great benefits to any Company with regard to Executive Chauffeur Service in Istanbul for Small and Medium Enterprises, in large cities:

 #1 – Comfort

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is the first and main item to be seen when we talk about contracting the Executive Passenger Transport service for Companies. Comfort is an aspect that is not limited to the year of the vehicle or maintenance of the fleet, but the convenience of making calls, being answered on time, not having to worry about crowded parking lots in cities, abusive rotations, car washes, etc..

#2 – Productivity

The second item on the list has to do with how easy it is for Companies to activate their Executive Transport today. Many companies prefer to have their own fleet. However, to travel to any point in the city, it is necessary to schedule days in advance, schedule the date with the manager, wait for confirmation of availability, and also count on the goodwill of the employee (which is often not limited to driver function…). Nothing is more practical these days than being able to activate your executive transport vehicle with just a few touches on your smartphone screen, do you agree?

 #3 – Time savings

If I told you that most companies waste millions of Lira, daily, due to the loss of time in traffic, would you be scared? For it is the most absolute truth! Many, many millions are literally thrown away by the worker’s waste of time on the way to work or when commuting to the Company. Check out this article and understand if what I’m talking about in this topic makes sense.

 #4 – Spending control

We say that millions of Lira are wasted due to time spent in transit, imagine the amount that also goes down the drain due to the lack of control of these outsourced transport services? That’s a lot of money! And when we talk about small and medium-sized companies, this is an economy that can make a big difference. After all, any cost savings these days are well worth having. And having a management system that helps control your executive transport expenses is something extremely beneficial for any company.

 #5 – Itinerary controls

In most cities, there are several routes to reach the same final destination. But which of these routes covered would bring a lower cost or less time in transit? If you don’t have that perspective, you’re likely to be an easy victim to the rogue providers out there. Knowing which is the best route to follow, with less time and less cost is a goal to get more out of your Executive transport, without spending more for it.

 #6 – Urban mobility

Capitals full of cars, buses, motorcycles, trucks, bicycles and other vehicles… this is our current reality. It’s no use, we have nowhere to run. What we can do is rely on administrative logistics that offer alternatives to meet this impaired urban mobility, but efficiently. Cars available at various points with executive drivers trained in location tools and knowledge of the best routes can help a lot in this regard.

 #7 – Privacy

What do you do while driving to work or to a meeting in the morning or right after your lunch break? Probably very little or almost nothing other than paying attention to the radio and the steering wheel at the same time. What if you were released from this task of driving to make better use of your time, organizing the day’s agenda, scoring the issues to be discussed in a checklist, reviewing the clauses of an important Contract, all with complete privacy, without having to worry with (often) sensitive information that needs to be exchanged over the phone. That would help you out a lot, right? Think about it!

#BONUS – Corporate mobility

This is an additional tip, a freebie! Have you ever heard of Corporate Mobility ? As time passes, we see companies focus their efforts on increasing the productivity of their employees and collaborators instead of increasing the headcount. Corporate Mobility is a step forward in terms of transporting the Company’s top executives and employees. By optimizing the time of these professionals during the journey in transit, it is a fact that they are able to produce more and generate even more value for the company’s production chain. Everyone wins with it!


Now that you know the main benefits of having Executive Passenger Transport in your business, why not take the opportunity to test our solution? We are sure that we can help you greatly improve your processes, while focusing on your business and letting us take care of the logistical part of the employees for you. Want to know more? Contact us…

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