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What do I have to study to be a private driver?

November 25, 2020

If driving is one of your passions, you can consider becoming a private driver. Normally, these professionals transport people with public notoriety or high economic resources by car. For example, politicians, businessmen, relatives of leaders, etc. However, there are also drivers who act as personal assistants for clients with reduced mobility. In this case, a distinction must be made between the work of a luxury Private Chauffeur Service and the work of a personal assistant for the disabled and elderly. In addition, it is convenient to differentiate between private drivers who work for companies and those who work as self-employed.

But what does it take to work as a private driver? It is clear that to engage in the transport of people you basically need two things: a vehicle and an appropriate registration certificate. However, to work as a driver you must prove other requirements and skills. Let’s see what they are.

What do I need to be a private driver?

To work in the private sector, it is necessary to be in possession of:

  • Type B driving license. A five-year-old driving license is compulsory. Companies value experience as the first endorsement on the resume. They are looking for people with extensive knowledge of highway codes and quick handling of the car.
  • Registration with social security and work permit. To work with an employment contract (either part-time or full-time) you need to meet these legal requirements.
  • Good level of languages. Without traveling and serving people with high responsibilities, you may have to use foreign languages.

In case of working as a freelancer, you must also add these requirements:

  • High in the Treasury. Keep in mind that the Treasury is very strict with false self-employed, so it is advisable to register and declare income regularly. In case of doubt, contact an agency.
  • VTC license. This certificate allows transporting passengers by car. In fact, these acronyms mean Tourist Vehicles with Driver.

What qualities should a private driver have?

But not everything is cards and licenses. There are a number of features that will help you carry out your work successfully. For example:

  • Good presence. At this point, issues such as hygiene, aesthetic criteria with clothing, cordial treatment of the public, etc. are included.
  • Punctuality and discretion. Normally, a Private Chauffeur Service in Istanbul transports people with deep commitments. This implies two things: that your customers cannot be late and that you cannot reveal anything from the conversations you overhear.
  • Luxury car. To gain credibility and prestige as a luxury driver, you will need a high-end car. For example, the Audi A8 or the Mercedes S-Class limousine. Keep in mind that the seats must be comfortable and the back very wide.
  • Knowledge of personal defense. Like taxi drivers, drivers need notions of self-defense to get away from aggressive customers. In this sense, the title of security guard can help you get more jobs. Although it is not a dangerous job, the risk increases at night.

Do you want to get your car license to work as a driver in the future? Check the courses available on Chauffeurdrive and get to work. Don’t let the steering wheel resist you! Oh, and remember that you can apply for scholarships to make driving school preparation cheaper. Click on this link to find out.


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