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Executive and luxury transport car rental with drive and how it works

May 24, 2021

Transport car rental with drive are used by all types of people, both with companies and privately and privately. There are different prices and packages, for many purposes, such as travel, tours and work.

Today it is possible to call cars by applications, but they have a more urgent and accurate function, so they often end up not being suitable for certain purposes that are more programmed.

In other words, all types of jobs are useful, but each one has its own moment, and now the executive and luxury transport companies are hired from Executive Chauffeur Service in Istanbul, to serve customers and employees.

So for you to know more about, follow this text, as it will contain information and tips, explaining all the operation and of course, all the advantages of betting on this style of service. Read and check it out.

Luxury transport

Luxury cars are more selected vehicles, which are part of the hiring more on the side and preferences of businessmen, people with high office or tours with a more fortunate class to some location.

The mission of this type of option in companies is to provide some types of sensations, such as safety and comfort, and to have the best possible service, in addition to a differentiated and dynamic experience in appointments.

In addition, there is the executive armored transport , which has more security and makes the car more private. The armor has a system called IIIA and has an average capacity for 3 or 4 passengers. They have a fleet with only up to four years of use and modern equipment.

Other requirements for these services are:

  • Experienced professionals;
  • Great qualification;
  • Bilingual drivers or with more languages;
  • Training for all types of situations.

Anyway,  luxury executive cars  have, in addition to security systems, options that can be customized to provide maximum comfort, and the company is the one who will choose all possible options.

Recalling that it is interesting to hire this whole system when there is an event or meeting with a huge relevance, such as managers and presidents of companies, or for people who work in risk situations, such as judges and police.

That way, they will all feel more relieved, knowing that any type of attack or unwanted movements will not occur, and if there is anything, they will be protected until the end of any problem.

But always remember to hire a company that has a name and also the confidence required by the entire market. The best way is to research the best and also ask those who have used it.

Van with driver

In addition to the luxury Istanbul airport transfer service, there is also a  van rental with a driver , which is more executive and more common to be chartered when needed. The van is a medium-sized vehicle that holds an average of about 15 people.

Most of these vans are rented at favorable times, such as when traveling, renting for tourism-related purposes in other unknown places and also taking a group of people somewhere.

Another type of group that takes advantage of the van rental is when there is a party, for example, a wedding, or a graduation, in which everyone will drink, and of course, no one will drive, so everyone can have fun without worries.

Finally, it is possible to rent as much when a company needs it, as well as to gather friends, relatives and family members. It is often cheaper than luxury cars, but it has just as much safety and professional treatment.

Bus Charter

But, if a van is still not enough, it is possible to rent buses, both single and double-decker, executive, with beds, that is, of all types, from the simplest to the most luxurious as well.

This will also depend a lot on the needs and wants. It is possible, for example, to rent a bus that contains a bar at the bottom and armchairs at the top, for a long and fun trip.

Or a school that needs a bus for very simplified excursions, just for a quieter and faster trip, where people will play, walk and circulate all the time, but also with the necessary security.

There are many rental and charter styles, and they are always used for very different purposes, moments and audiences. Choose the one that best fits your need for now and bet on the service.


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